måndag 22 oktober 2012

This is one of the lovely stamps i bought
at the Magnoliaday.
Submitting to:
Lyriks to "Dagny" you can find down below
We didn't know what love was all about
til little Dagny came to town.
Now we're sitting in her coffee shop,
dunkin' doughnuts all day long
All of us singing desperately:
Dagny, come back and spill
wow-wow-wow- -
Dagny, one more refill.
Listen to my heart sing Trala-diddle dill.
Such a beauty we had never seen
so we began to plot and scheme
The best of friends in Dagny's coffe shop
becoming rivals for this dream
to see who was the first to win the love of

fredag 12 oktober 2012

The Magnolia day

Thank you Debbie for a fantastic workshop at Magnolia in Borås.
 I learned so much :-)
This is what I made.