måndag 22 oktober 2012

This is one of the lovely stamps i bought
at the Magnoliaday.
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Lyriks to "Dagny" you can find down below
We didn't know what love was all about
til little Dagny came to town.
Now we're sitting in her coffee shop,
dunkin' doughnuts all day long
All of us singing desperately:
Dagny, come back and spill
wow-wow-wow- -
Dagny, one more refill.
Listen to my heart sing Trala-diddle dill.
Such a beauty we had never seen
so we began to plot and scheme
The best of friends in Dagny's coffe shop
becoming rivals for this dream
to see who was the first to win the love of

fredag 12 oktober 2012

The Magnolia day

Thank you Debbie for a fantastic workshop at Magnolia in Borås.
 I learned so much :-)
This is what I made.

söndag 15 juli 2012

Välkommen till världen Adrian!
Min granne har precis fått sitt tredje barn.
En underbart liten söt kille.
Mamman är precis som jag helt besatt i Magnolia :-)
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lördag 14 juli 2012

Jul i Juli!
Tja, varför inte?
Det är första gången jag stämplar skridsko Tilda,
hon är verkligen ljuvlig.
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torsdag 5 juli 2012

Ännu ett av mina senaste inköp.
Passar extra bra eftersom jag jobbar på
förskoleavdelningen "Sjöhästen" :-)
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Jag och mamma var nyligen på en tur till Magnolia i Borås.
Jag säger bara WOW!
Det är helt underbart att vara där, så mycket att välja på :-)
Jag tycker att Tilda i sin stråhatt är aldeles underbar.
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Oj, vad det var längesedan jag gjorde ett inlägg.
Men nu när det är sommar och semester blir det bara inte av.
 Snart fyller min lille systerson Milton 6år.
 Detta kortet har jag gjort till honom.
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torsdag 7 juni 2012

 Jag har fått en award av Katarina "En liten pysselbit" jag blev jätte glad,
tack så mycket!
I have been given an award by Katarina for my blog. It's the
The idea of the Leibster Blog Award is to spread the love from one small blog (under 200 followers) to other small blogs. This helps to spread knowledge and readership.
I am really happy to receive this award from Katarina,
Thank You so much!
To accept the award, you have to :
1. Link back to the person who gave it and thank them for thinking of you, Please pop over to her blog and have a look at her gorgeous creations!
2. Post the award on your blog.
3. Give the award to 5 bloggers (with less than 200 followers) that you appreciate.
4. Leave a comment on the blogs of the 5 people you have chosen to let them know.
It wasn´t easy to choose only 5 blogs as there are so many talented crafters out there, but finally I decided to give it to these talented ladies:
Lisa Sjöström
Britas Hobbyloft
Carlas Creative Designs
Gry-Beates kort og rot

Please go and visit these talented ladies and their blogs to look at all the lovely projects!
Hugs Pyssel Pia

torsdag 22 mars 2012

I've made this card to a very kind person that I care a lot for.
She struggles at the moment.
"The tide always turns"

onsdag 14 mars 2012

Trying out one of my new stamps and the new Magnolia papers.
I just love Magnolia :-)
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